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Signals – Marketplace of Data Science Powered Signals for Cryptotrading (ICO Review)

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There has been an explosion of crypto assets in 2017, with trading volumes topping billions of dollars. Crypto offers many advantages for traders over traditional assets, in that they are decentralized, borderless and can be traded around the clock. While this opens the doors to practically everyone on the planet, it also poses great risks due to lack of regulation, liquidity and oversight. There are far too many stories of traders who lose it all because of mistakes or a shortage of emotional fortitude necessary to stick to their trading plan.

With the advent of powerful computational technology, the financial sector and trading industry has been transformed through the replacement of traditional auction-to-computer transactions in the early 70’s with algorithmic trading systems. Machines take emotions out of trading and make it into a pure numbers game, cutting through the noise of trading signals and processing huge data sets that a normal human never could. They also never sleep, running 24/7 once they have been properly set up. What’s more, they can execute infinitely faster than a human, with decreases in lag time by microseconds leading to substantial profits.

Pairing these two technologies is a perfect match. Blockchain tech and crypto are expected to continue their growth for the next decade, and traders should have great advantages when it comes to trading for a long time coming. Our mission is to empower crypto traders with state of the art algorithms from the data science community, which will allow them to optimize their profits. The Signals Platform provides these tools in a user-friendly way. From advanced charting and classic technical indicators to complex statistical models, crowd wisdom based inputs and machine learning algorithms based on media monitoring and sentiment analysis; the Signals Platform is a place where anybody can create fully customizable trading robots with no advanced technical knowledge required.

How Signals wants to revolutionize crypto trading 
Algorithmic trading is pretty simple, in essence. First, you have to pick out a data set which serves as the very foundation for further analysis. You then need to choose the different types of indicators which act as the lens to view the data. Lastly, a strategy needs to be designed around the specified way of viewing the data to determine how you will trade it. All of these inputs eventually lead to a robust algorithmic trading strategy, ready to be deployed for testing and use.

The Signals platform works this very same way in that we have several marketplaces, where data, indicators and strategy inputs can be chosen and then assembled into an automated trading strategy using the Signals Strategy Builder. The whole process can be completed using our visual building tool or in code, for those who know Python. We’re designing the whole thing so anyone with a trading idea can design, make, backtest and deploy it in no time at all. Three basic highlights are, 

No programming skills needed:
Anyone can use the Signals visual strategy builder. Just pick and combine indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring.

Decentralized supercomputer power:
Signals is building the Signals Platform upon other successful blockchain services which create new possibilities for cryptocurrency trading. By integrating decentralized supercomputers, Signals will be able to process big data computations in reasonable time while still making it affordable for common users.

Crowd sourced wisdom:
The Signals Platform gives you a chance to use indicators driven by main blockchain-based prediction market platforms, which generate powerful trading strategies augmented by crowd sourced wisdom.

How does Signals work?

Build algotrading models with no programming skills:
No knowledge of machine learning is required for using the Signals model builder. Just choose from a variety of indicators, ranging from traditional technical analysis to deep learning or sentiment analysis based on media monitoring and combine them together.

If you do happen to be a developer or a data scientist, you can develop new trading indicators from scratch and monetize your data science skills through the Signals Indicator Marketplace.

Train your model before spending any money:
Connect your model to a crypto exchange and backtest it with historical data in the Signals training center. Use our optimization algorithms and supportive analytics to find the best settings for your selected strategy.

Exploit our computational power connected to the decentralized super-computer or optimize the model on your own device with the use of Signals desktop application.

Use your trading model to generate profit:
Once you’re confident about your trading model, use it on real-time data to make informed trading decisions. It’s up to you if you want to automate your trading or just get notified about trading opportunities.

Make your strategy adaptive by using our data science algorithm toolset. Your strategy will be constantly re-learning its settings to maximize profit based on new trends in the market.

Share and monetize your trading strategy:
Place your brand new trading model into the Signals Marketplace so that anyone can pay you to copy trade your successful strategy.

You can also discover and copy trade the most successful strategies in the Signals community and chat with others about your ideas and trading progress.

Token Financials
Token Name: SGN
Soft Cap reached: Yes
Hard Cap: 18.5 Million USD
Raised till date: 3,051.58 ETH
Target: 10,000 ETH
Total token supply: 185 million SGN
KYC: Required
Whitepaper: Click here

Token Sale Guide || KYC Submission Guide || Company Blog
Founder Members
CEO and Co-founder at Signals Network

CTO and Co-founder at Signals Network

Other member: 
Jan Budík – Algorithmic Trading Expert
Zdeňka Šeděnka – Data Scientist
Michal Krajňanský – Machine Learning Specialist
Josef Jelacic – Smart Contract Developer
Matouš Roskovec – Head of Growth Marketing
Jaroslav Šeděnka – Cryptography and Security Expert
Martin Solárik – Backend Developer

Gabriel Zanko – Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Philip Staehelin – Entrepreneur and Investor
Milan Pašek – Founder & CEO @ Quantasoft
Benn Godenzi – Blockchain Entrepreneur
Martin Drdul – Fin-Tech Investor
Samuel McCulloch – Founder SmartICOInvestor.com
Web presence & Social Media

Final verdict of BestICO

Branding: (1 out of 1)
The branding of the project is excellent and probably one of the best I have seen till date. With clear information delivery and upfront nature of communication, Signals have done a very good job with the project branding. 

Office address & Registration: (1 out of 2)
Signals Network si a registered entity of Caymen Islands and we have checked the company directory to ensure the correctness. However, the office address is not mentioned anywhere in the website or in the token sale agreement. We understand that the team wants to maintain a certain degree of anonymity but providing a verifiable office address could have given a confidence boost to the investors.  

Working product: (1.2 out of 2)
We take this parameter very seriously and we usually don’t list any ICO without a working product. Signals has already opened door to the world with an alpha version of their platform. We have checked the platform personally. It is still being developed and not fully functional yet. Considering the complex nature of algorithmic trading, assembling the entire platform is a difficult task and will take time. The development team has taken up the challenge through a phased approach. While the basic functionality of the platform will be open by the end of Q2, 2018. The complete platform will still take time and we can expect the complete product by Q3/Q4, 2019. 

LinkedIn profiles: (1.5 out of 2)
Signals has a team size of 15 members including 6 advisors. We have verified the LinkedIn profiles and found 10 profiles with 500+ connections. The advisory board of Signals Network consists some big names of Blockchain circuit as well.  

Business feasibility: (1.8 out of 2)
Signals team is working with a very complex subject like Algorithmic trading and trying to build a marketplace for strategies which is absolutely a fresh and new idea. While we are not trading experts, but looking at their website and whitepaper, it is evident that the team has taken up a phased approach to this complex nature of business and slowly moving towards the final result. 

However, we strongly believe in new ideas. We believe Signals will shine like sun once the final product is delivered to the masses. Speculative trading is a billion dollar industry and signals has taken up the effort to create a market place for the strategies. We hope Signals team will find the right way forward and get their fair share of the cake. 

Our rating: (1 out of 1)
We see a significant amount of business possibility of Signals as they are working to bring up a fresh idea to the market. We appreciate the effort of the business minds behind the project and awarding full score in this category. 

Final verdict:
After a thorough research, Best ICO is awarding 7.5 to Signals Network. 

BestICO does not encourage investing in any ICOs published on the platform. Please make sure to do your own research before investing money into Initial Coin Offerings. All content on BestICO is meant to be used for information purposes only, and should not be taken as financial or investment advice. 

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