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PromoPlugs.com – Earn money from your twitter account!

Hello dear friends and readers, wish you all a very happy weekend! I hope everyone is energized enough to go back to work from tomorrow. Over this weekend, I have found an awesome website called “PromoPlugs.com”. 

No, it’s not an investment program or a trading platform. Rather, it is an awesome idea put together to bridge the gap between the advertisers and general crypto currency users. If you are owner of an website and want to promote your program over the internet, you have many options available like twitter or facebook ads. However, if you want general people to promote your program through their own account, it’s really difficult and very costly at times. That’s where exactly PromoPlugs appeared to bridge the gap and created a platform where advertisers will get their desired number of general users to promote a product and also get some earning while doing it. 

PromoPlugs is basically a very powerful online tool which will allow normal users to promote a product using a top-notch web platform by few mouse clicks and get a decent earning. This tool is very useful for the beginners who are still using faucets. They can now upgrade themselves to PromoPlugs and get a decent amount of earning for promoting a crypto related product their own twitter account. Let me tell you how!

The only requirement to earn from PromoPlugs is that, you need to have an active twitter account with some real followers. Once you visit their website, click on “Earn free coin” tab to get in to the page to earn money. All the available and open campaigns are listed in that page along with the payment description. While writing this review, they have total 4 active twitter campaigns where users can earn money. 

Click on any campaign and it will show you the details along with the requirement of the campaign. Some campaign requires you to have 100 followers and some have even lesser requirement like 50 followers. So even a newbie can earn money from twitter now. 

Once you visit the campaign details page, you need to authorize your twitter account for PromoPlugs. The authorization means, you need to give the right of posting to PromoPlugs so that they can tweet from your account for that campaign. However, don’t mistake it as a hacking tool. I have used their service and the authorization is only for the posting you want. You don’t have to giveaway your twitter password to them. I can vouch for the safety of your account. 

So once you give the authorization for the campaign, it will ask for your email ID and the coin wallet address to receive the payment just as the screenshot below.

Once you fill in the details, you will be redirected to the actual campaign page where you will have to click on few buttons to follow, tweet and retweet about the product. You don’t need to go to twitter website to do so, just a mouse click will do. The picture below will show you the actual campaign page. 

So, as you can see that it is very easy to earn money from PromoPlugs.com. However, you will receive payments in various altcoins. So you will have to exchange it to bitcoin if you want to earn in bitcoins only. Otherwise, you can keep those altcoins in your wallet for a better price in future. 

Currently, they have total 4 active campaign with a decent payment option. However, none of the 4 campaigns pay in bitcoin which gives you an enormous opportunity to earn big. Let me give you an example of my earning.

I have participated in all 4 campaigns as shown in the picture above. The earning is given below. 

Insane Coin Campaign earning: 120 Insane coin
Crown coin campaign: 20 crown coins
Espers campaign: 1000 Espers
Bitcoin Garden campaign: 340 Doge

Now. let me calculate the currency prices of these altcoins in bitcoin. I have taken reference from CoinMarketCap for the current price.

Insane coin price: 0.00000149 BTC
So 120 Insane coin value in bitcoin is, 0.0001788 BTC.

Crown coin price: 0.00001367 BTC
So 20 Crown coin gives me another 0.0002734 BTC.

Espers price: 0.00000001 BTC
1000 Espers value is 0.00001000 BTC

Dogecoin price: 0.00000019 BTC
340 Dogecoin price is 0.0000646 BTC

So, I have earned total (0.0001788 + 0.0002734 + 0.00001000 + 0.0000646) = 0.00052680 BTC just from these 4 campaigns. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete all these 4 campaigns which rewarded me suitably. A faucet user will take a week to earn this amount of bitcoin from faucets. 

Also please don’t forget to check PromoPlugs website frequently because new campaigns can be added any time. Some old campaigns also allow users to participate for the second time. So be a frequent visitor and make the most out of it. Happy earning folks!

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