Powerful Bid
ICO Introduction

Powerful Bid – Trade Bitcoin with 100X leverage (ICO Introduction)

Stock trading is a complicated and hard process, which takes a lot of time. Another thing is, it’s not accessible for everybody. You need to have a lot of funds, to make a trade in major stock markets. Otherwise, you will just lose all your money to enormous trading fees. It’s time to make a change. And bring trading to everybody. CFD trading is one of the best solutions for that. This gives the ability to trade with big stocks, without having a lot of funds. CFD trading is not available to everybody because it’s highly regulated area. Governments rather think cryptocurrencies as a game, not a real money. A game, which can change our lives. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, we can bring CFD trading to everybody.

Powerful Token is a share of Powerful Bid:
Every Powerful Token holder receives part of Powerful Bid platform net income, 4 times a year. Powerful Bid income will be divided equally between all token holders. Dividends will be paid in Ethereum.

Website: https://powerful.bid/
Token Type: Ethereum ERC 20
Total supply: 2,000,000
Official Announcement: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3231897
Whitepaper: Not available
Contact number: +1 646-569-9024

A review is coming soon!

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