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Pixel – World’s first stable coin for global charity project (ICO Review)

Pixel – real cryptocurrency which provides new, modern payment tool, being fast, confidential, stable, simple and understandable to everyone! Pixel ensures you will never loose your money due to the fall in the exchange rate, furthermore you will never again experience difficulties when transferring money back to fiat money. Pixel is a payment mechanism, devoid of all weaknesses of traditional cryptocurrencies. And most importantly, anyone can contribute in charity, without spending their money! Watch the explanatory video below,

Web presence
How Pixel works
  1. You transfer your desired amount in the US dollars using any available payment option to confirm the participation in this project. 
  2. You will receive the equivalent in Pixel (PXL), which will be transferred to your Pixel Wallet at the exchange rate of 1PXL = 1USD. 
  3. The money received from you will be placed into the deposit of a bank. The interest accrued by the bank on deposits will be transferred to a charitable foundation with a world wide reputation. 
  4. Funds on deposit will stay untouched! Representatives of investors who made a purchase of the tokens and representatives of the charity funds will be able to have a constant control over the state of deposit. 
  5. All those who contributed the charity project, at any time can quit and exchange their pixels (PXL) back to US dollars at a fixed rate of 1PXL = 1USD. 
  6. Pixels can be transferred from one participant to another participant, as a whole or in parts. 
  7. Exchange rate is fixed, a transaction fee of one transaction – only 0.05% from the transaction amount is charged. Will be decreased 0.02%. To know more, see the whitepaper.
To understand the working principle of Pixel Charity, please see the video below,

Token financial
Name: Pixel Crowd Sale Token
Symbol: PXLT
Max. emission: 20 million
Minimum token sale price: $0.75
Maximum token sale price: $1
Update: Token sale period extended up to 31st August, 2018


What we think about Pixel Charity

Branding: (1 out of 1)
Pixel Charity scores excellent in this parameter. One look at the website and the explanatory video will tell the same story. The business plan and the technical details are well written and easy to understand. We didn’t find any reason to deducts score in this parameter.

Office address and Registration: (2 out of 2)
The Pixel Charity ICO is registered as 314xel Inc. in the City of Belize, Central America. The registration number of the company is 168 620 and the registered address is,

2118 Guava Street, Belama Phase 1 
P.O. Box 1920, Belize City, 
Belize, Central America

We have checked the local business directory of Belize and found the information is true. You can use the below website to search for it,


So we are awarding full marks in this parameter. 

Working product: (NA for this ICO) 
Given the nature of this ICO, this particular parameter is valid for it. It is stable coin project where your investment will earn interest through conventional bank deposit and given to charity while keeping your initial investment safe. Since they are not building up a product, this parameter is not applicable for this ICO. 

Credentials: (1 out of 1)
Pixel Charity has already entered into a partnership with one of the biggest names in the charity fund organizer sector “Mercy for children”. The news about the partnership is already present in the website of the “Mercy for children”. The link is given below,


The agreement can also be seen below, 

Pixel Charity is also pursuing other charity fund organizers as mentioned in their website. They are expecting to have the agreements executed within a short while. We will publish a separate news as and when more agreements are signed. 

Team and LinkedIn profiles: (1.93 out of 3)
Pixel Charity team consists of 16 core team members and one advisor. We have contacted few of them randomly to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of these profiles and we didn’t find any issue there. 

1. Number of connections: (0 out of 1)
We have checked each and every profile carefully and found that none of these profiles have 500+ connections. On the flipside, majority of the profiles have only 25 – 30 connections. So no marks in this parameter. 

2. Profile pictures: (0.93 out of 1)
Out of 16 profiles, we found only one profile without any profile pictures. So we are awarding 0.93 out of 1 in this parameter. 

3. mention of Pixel Charity: (1 out of 1)
This one parameter, Pixel Charity left no place for discrepancy. The mention of Pixel Charity is present in all 16 profiles along with their current positions. So 1 out of 1. 

Business feasibility: (1.5 out of 2)
Before we talk about this parameter, let us clarify that we always try to understand the business proposal of an ICO from a layman’s perspective because not every investor is a tech geek who would understand the technical terminologies. So we always try to assess an ICO by comparing it with a real world business or scenario. 

First understand that, Pixel charity is introducing two tokens in the market instead of one.

PXL – is stable token, which will be used as a confirmation of participation in Pixel Charity. Alpha launch of network in June 2018.

PXLT – is security token which can be sold during Pixel Charity ICO. When ICO finishes, PXLT will be available on Exchange markets (July 2018).

Pixel Charity is planning to build up a charity system where investors will not make the charity directly. Rather, the donations will be made from the interest earned on the invested money.

Pixel network will apply a transaction fee of 0.05% without limitations to amount of transactions of PXL. These funds will be used to support network, private mining clusters, third party app developers support and marketing campaigns to promote Pixel Network.

PXLT holders will have 10% of network transaction fees as ICO investor dividends. After end-of-the-year report all PXLT token holders will receive dividends as ETH or PXL equivalents.

Also being a stable coin, PXL will have many other uses like trading, merchant payment and any other functionalities that a stable coin can perform. So Pixel is bringing another stable coin to the market with a twist of charity to support lives around the world. 

We are awarding 1.5 out of 2 in the parameter. 

Our rating: (0.6 out of 1)
Pixel Charity was listed on our blog last week but due to our lengthy research and due diligence process we could not complete it within the timeline. However, after thorough research, Best ICO team decided to award 0.6 out of 1 to PixelCharity.com

Final verdict: (8.03 out of 10)
Overall, Pixel Charity looks like a good proposition to the investors who are willing to invest in stable coins as well as earn money as royalty. So after all possible additions and deductions on the merit of the ICO, we have decided to award 8.03 out of total 10 points.

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