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Multiversum – 4th Generation Relational Blockchain (ICO review)


Multiversum brings to us the fourth generation blockchain(blockchain4.0). Multiversum creates a relational blockchain which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data grouped in graphs of complex data structures related one another in a multidimensional structure which is fit for every Administrative, industrial, financial and governmental environment. One of the main goal is to upgrade the blockchain to standard especially the mining sector, Multiversum is here to eliminate the proof of work and it is a kind of mining by introducing proof of integrity, a protocol that performs cryptographic validation by checking the authenticity of the software that resolves every persistence of the transaction. Every wallet in multiversum have a series of states and are linked to a person (user); each new wallet state change includes two data fields; the previous state,to check for validation.

A link to the last transaction so that the provenience of the new state change link will be known. 

After the change, the transaction modification will be added and its modified state link will rejoin the main chain. The philosophy that inspired and leads Multiversum is “GreenWill” manifesto, which can be resumed in three words: People, Planet, Profit. Below are few features of the Multiversum relational blockchain, 


Transaction Speed: In less than 0.2 seconds, funds are transferred across wallets, including secure validation of the transactions. Among the fastest in the world.

Transaction Throughput: Unlimited scalability system: 64,000Tps (1000Tps/core) ona 64 cores server. Support to 64+ cores technologies.

Proof Of Integrity: PoS (Proof of Stake) will be replaced by PoI (Proof of Integrity).

Eco-Friendly: A Multiversum transaction will have insignificant costs and next to zero environmental footprint.

Next Generation Wallet: Cutting edge security in access and funds transfers with biometric inputs.

Roll Back: Optional roll back can be activated on Multiversum-hosted tokens.

Divisible (Splittable) Chains: Resources optimization among nodes because of chain severability.

Support ERC20/ERC223 Token: Multiversum don’t only support it’s built token, but allow ERC20 and ERC223 token to be used on the multiversum blockchain.

Relational Blockchain: A brand new blockchain which features different types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.

Token Financial Details

ICO date: 1st May 2018 to 10th June 2018
Token: eMTV
Pre ICO Price: 1 eMTV = 1 USD
Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 35,000,000 USD
Total Supply: 141,000,000 Tokens
Whitepaper: Click here
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, Fiat

Token Distribution:
15% Founders and team (blocked for 12 months)
6% Collaborators
3% Advisors, Partnership
76% Contributors

Destination of Distribution:
47% Multiversum Development
25% Operations
12% Marketing
5% Security
5% Legal
5% Reserve
1% Charity

Web presence & Social Media

Website: Click here
Official Announcement: Click here
Facebook: Click here
Twitter: Click here
Instagram: Click here
Medium: Click here
Reddit: Click here
LinkedIn: Click here

Final Verdict of BestICO
We have analysed the project very well and noted the technological and business applications as mentioned by the developer team. We have rated the project based on the below factors,

Branding: (1 out of 1)
We find the branding attractive and well though. The website contents are clear about the technical details and well laid out.

Office address & Registration:
The company is registered in Belarus as “MULTIVERSUM KRIPTO SISTEMZ, OOO”. The office addres is mentioned in the project website as “Street Gurskogo 37, office 5 H, room 19/19 Minsk, Republic of Belarus 193029355”. While we could not verify the address of the office, the name is verified with the Belarus company directory. If any of my readers can also verify the office address, will be appreciated! (2 out of 2)
Working product: (1 out of 2)
A test version of the product wallet is available in Google playstore for the testers to use. However, IOS version of the app is missing as of now.

LinkedIn profiles: (0.9 out of 2)
Multiservum has a team of 22 individuals including 3 advisory members. We have checked each profile personally. Out of 22 members, we see only 10 members have a LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections.

Business feasibility: (1.5 out of 2)
Blockchain is a comparatively new technology and we strongly believe that we haven’t yet explored the immense possibilities it can offer to the mankind and to the tech-enabled businesses to prosper. Multiservum is working to create an upgraded version of the blockchain with enhanced transaction speed a lot more features already discussed in this article. More importantly, this blockchain will implement the roll-back facility which is absolutely new in this field. So I can see immense business application of this technology. 

However, this field is already overloaded with the options that various companies offer. So Multiservum will have to face a lot of competitions in the market. A self sustaining eco system is needed to thrive in this market and they are exactly working towards this goal.

Our ratings: (0.8 out of 1)
I encourage everyone to visit their website to know more about this project. Please remember, BestICO is not here to provide any investment advisory service to the community. It is an assessment platform and we can only examine the project thoroughly to come up with unbiased facts. Always use your own brain before investing in any ICO and we can’t be held responsible if you loose your investment. 

Final verdict:
So after a thorough research, we are awarding Multiservum 7.2 out of 10

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