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Introducing nCrypt Club EcoSystem!

nCrypt Club is a blockchain EcoSystem, a token-based service that aims to combine four big aspects in the crypto space: Trading platform, Banking features in the form of debit cards that will allow users to pay or withdraw their cryptocurrencies worldwide, Mining operations using green energy sources and referral program.

Website url: https://www.ncryptclub.com/

nCrypt Trading will be a multi-language platform that works on all devices and with no transaction fees, yes you read it right, ZERO transaction fees. And if this is not enough nCrypt will also provide on their platform a various number of trading bots, Meetup and Conferences, Tutorials, Mobile App

nCrypt Debit cards!
If you are in the crypto space for some while, you know that sometimes it’s hard to spend your crypto assets on a daily basis or exchange them for fiat. Ncrypt has this vision to bring this “dream” to life and make possible spending your cryptocurrency in your daily life and at any retailer worldwide. With multiple tokens support, instant fiat conversion and global access.

nCrypt Mining
The mining operations consist in building large transportable containers to be delivered and connected to the cheapest energy source, and that is green energy. Miners will be custom-built, easy to transport, remotely maintained and with a custom cooling system that will achieve excellent power efficiency. The whole Ncrypt EcoSystem idea assures that 100% of the companies profit will be divided to their token holders. Working hard around the clock with a dedicated team, they are focused to deliver and start the ICO pre sale. nCrypt Club aims to become an indispensable ecosystem in the relationship between the new blockchain based, decentralized financial system and future daily life by bringing it all together under the same roof.

nCrypt Referral
Last but not least we have a referral system where you can make extra money by simply inviting your friends to our program and  have a passive income


Andronie Loren Minel

Founder & CEO nCrypt Club
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article!

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