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Bigbom Eco – Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem (ICO Review)

Bigbom Eco – Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem.

Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, including advertising, content publishers and advertising channels. Bigbom Eco is developed using smart contracts, running on the Ethereum blockchain and Tomochain. All connected data via Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, autonomous and immutable when data is posted on blockchain.

Web presence & Social Media
BigBom Official Video
Bigbom Eco interview with Mr. Minh Chu (Co-Founder of Tomochain)
BigBom Eco Introduction
Bigbom Eco is a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, including advertising, content publishers and advertising channels. Bigbom Eco is developed using smart contracts, running on the Ethereum blockchain and Tomochain. All connected data via Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, autonomous and immutable when data is posted  on blockchain. Click on the picture to see full size,
BBO, implements using ERC-20 standard, is the main utility for transactions under Bigbom Eco’s ecosystem. The reason we have our own token is we wanted to have better ownership, and make it easier for users on the ecosystem. Relying to other cryptocurrencies/tokens brings a lot of risk to Bigbom, since they can change their own policy. advertisers can buy BBO tokens during the ICO or purchase it on exchanges after the ICO is completed, or buying it directly from our reserve using credit card (explained in next section). 

The majority of the features on the Bigbom Marketplace are operated by smart contract. When a party (advertiser) needs to use online advertising services from service provider (ads platform/publisher), both parties will agree on the price and specific commitment (KPIs) at the time signing smart contract.
A full overview of the various stages incorporated into the smart contract can be found below. Click on the picture to view full size.

1. Key technologies used on Bigbom iAds:
●  Microservice architecture & docker
●  Ad campaign synchronization system using asynchronous batch processing system based on NodeJS and Redis
●  NoSQL database with low latency, high scalability.
●  Connected to blockchain for secure transactions
●  Self-developed algorithm to continuously updates the results of advertising campaigns for optimizing bidding price.

2. Bigbom iAds will tackle difficulties on the same platform:
●  By using a self-optimized algorithm, Bigbom iAds works as an assistant robot for advertisers 24/7: during working hours, at night, in the weekend and during public holidays.
●  Managing campaigns according to KPIs and optimized ads based on expected bidding price of advertiser across multiple channels.
●  Scanning thousands of ads in each account, every 15-30 minutes and automatically adjusts them in real time.
●  Automatically raises and lowers bidding on ad channels.
●  Automatically turns off ads that are not performing well or have a low conversion rate.
●  Automatically allocates budget between channels in real time, based on campaign performance.
●  Tailoring ad audience suggestions.
●  Automatically performs A/B testing over hundreds of ads to find the best ads, landing pages, and ad objectives.
●  Making it easy for advertisers to manage and compare multi-channel data by providing synchronized, real-time reporting on all channels.
●  Managing thousands of advertising accounts on a single Bigbom account.
●  Creates hundreds of campaigns across multiple accounts under one Bigbom iAds campaign.
(Click on the picture to see full size)
Token Financials
Token name: BBO
Platform: ETH ERC 20
Total tokens for sale: 325,000,000 BBO tokens
Rate: 20,000 BBOs/ETH
ICO start date: May 28th, 2018
ICO end date: June 10th, 2018
Hard cap: 12,000 ETH

What we think about Bigbom Eco
Branding: (1 out of 1)
Bigbom.com is an excellently branded ICO project. The website delivers the contents in a clear manner. The details about the project are professionally written and elaborated using nice graphics. So 1 out of 1 in this parameter. 

Office address and registration: (1.9 out of 2)
The name of the company behind this ICO is Bigbom Pte Ltd and it is a Singapore based company. The registration/UEN no. is 201801349C which we have verified through the company directory of Singapore. The parent company of Bigbom Pte Ltd. is Bigbom Ltd, and it is registered in British Virgin Islands vide registration no. 1971098. We could not verify this information because the company directory of BVI is available for public viewing. Both companies are headquartered in Singapore and the registered office address is “160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #26-10, Spore Business Federation Ctr, Singapore 068914″.

Working product: (0.7 out of 1)
Bigbom already has a demo product available for users to check and the demo can be accessed through “https://bigbom.com/beta”. You can login to the platform using the below credentials, 

Username: userdemo@bigbom.com
Password: userdemo

We encourage everyone to watch this explanatory video to know more about the platform and what changes they want to bring to the existing advertising industry,

The demo platform is at a very nascent stage to give the users a look and feel of the future platform. The development is ongoing and the release of the beta version of Bigbom’s iAds platform is scheduled on October, 2018.

Team & LinkedIn profiles: (2.1 out of 3)
Bigbom has a team of 14 members including 5 advisors. We have checked each profile carefully and tried to explore their experience and connection list. We have excluded the profile of advisors because they do not form the core team of the company and associated with other projects as well. From now onwards, we are going to divide this particular analysis into three parts as below,

1. Number of connections: (0.1 out of 1)
Bigbom has a core team of 9 members and we have checked each profiles and their experiences carefully. However, we found only 1 member with 500+ connections. Since there is no way to know the age of a LinkedIn profile, we are considering the number of connections to assume the age. So we have awarded 0.1 out of 1 in this parameter. 

2. Profile pictures: (1 out of 1)
Each team members has their profile pictures uploaded in their LinkedIn profile and we have matched each one of them. So full marks in this parameter!

3. Mention of Bigbom: (1 out of 1)
While checking the profiles, we found all 9 members have mentioned their position in Bigbom in their professional LinkedIn profiles. Good job done there!

Business feasibility: (0.5 out of 1)
Bigbom is planning to bring two products in the market, one is Bigbom iAds which is mainly an online advertising platform and the other one is BigBom marketplace with an added twist of cryptocurrency enabled smart contracts. 

Bigbom is eyeing to enter a multi-billion dollar industry of online advertising. We are encouraging everyone to check the explanatory video and the interview of their CEO to get more information about the project. While the project looks really good and professional, the online advertising market is overloaded with competitors. Even if I exclude big competitors like Google and Facebook, there are hundreds of online advertising platforms available in the market. Even though not many of them deal in crypto currencies, but it still serves one single goal. So Bigbom.com will have to face a noticeable amount of competition in the market and innovation is one key thing to stay ahead of competition. Only time will tell us the outcome! 

Our rating: (1.8 out of 2)
We have taken a long time to publish this review because we have tried to ascertain every possible facts about this project. We have done a lot of email exchanges with the CMO of the company to get more information about the project and even tweaked our usual review framework to capture all possible details. We are happy to see Bigbom.com in the ICO market and we believe they really stands out of the crowd. 

Final verdict: 
After thorough analysis of the project, Best ICO team decided to award 8 out of total 10 points. 
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  1. Bigbom eco is a decentralized marketing surroundings for all parties worried in on line advertising, which includes advertising and marketing, content material publishers and advertising channels. Bigbom eco is advanced using clever contracts, jogging at the ethereum blockchain and tomochain. All linked statistics via bigbom eco is transparent, accurate, self sufficient and immutable when facts is posted on blockchain. panseva I hope this internet site you manage to be the exceptional and be number one. Thanks for sharing! 

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