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APO Finance – A decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives based on parimutuel betting (ICO Review)

APO stands for Advanced Parimutuel Options. They are building up a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives based on parimutuel betting.
The Plan
Currently the market does not offer instruments for insuring against the risk of extreme price fluctuations. Though there are futures and options available on centralized exchanges, there are more minuses than pluses. For example, high option premiums or margin requirements for futures in the range of 80-100%. The reason – inability to insure the risk of sellers which results in high cost of options for buyers. APO Finance is proposing a new revolutionary solution for the cryptocurrency market where sellers are unnecessary – reverse parimutuel. 

Platform features

All trades are done through smart contracts which guarantee payout to all winners and provide a method to monitor the pool.
The APO platform does not require participation of sellers of options – buyers pay the option premium directly into a pool, eliminating the risk of unfulfilled obligations.
The system is built on the principle of a smart contract in a blockchain which contains all the particulars of a trade.
The platform does not participate in trading as an organizer, but does charge a commission for facilitating the trade, part of which will be distributed amongst the token holders.
In APO no margins are required – an ideal instrument for miners as well as investors to guard against a falling market.
Every participant can create their own options from binary to exotic (Build your own option) or use existing templates (vanilla calls & puts).
There are no spreads between bid and ask in the APO platform because there are no sellers that would raise the price to decrease risk.
How it works


The date of the auction is appointed one week before expiration. The frequency and duration of the auction will be determined during Beta testing.
APO Finance intends to use the standard expiration dates for options:
– 2 weeks
– 1 month
– 3 months
Based on this, the frequency of the auctions will depend on the nearest expiring contract, such as 1 week before the expiration of 2-week options, monthly options, or 3-month options.
The main purpose of the auction – calculation of premiums and payments based on submitted bids. Each participant constructs the desired option or chooses one from a template, and enters the strike price of the underlying asset (BTC or ETH). After that, the participant chooses the type of order – market or limit and transfers the amount required to buy the option to the account of the smart contract.
After the auction is over and all the submitted bids are counted, a pool is formed. After the completion of the transaction, each participant using their own account through a website or mobile application, can see the options that accrued (along with their parameters) and monitor their value until expiration.
– Filling market orders and filling/rejecting limit orders
– Calculation of commission and recording into the pool
– Recording of option buyers
Expiration is the moment when the contract expires, and is the date of settlement. The option execution date is indicated in advance during the auction, for example, 12 am on January 12, 2018. At the time of expiration, the price of the underlying asset is locked in (the price of BTC or ETH index is taken from several major exchanges for determination). Based on that price, payments are made to option holders. After the execution, each participant can check the status of their account.
– Locking-in the price of the underlying (BTC/USD or ETH/USD)
– Publishing cut-off price
– Payout to participants who’s options are profitable


Token Financials

Token Name: APO

Token Type: ERC20
ICO Starts: April 25th, 2018 at 10:00:00 AM UTC
ICO Ends: May 23rd, 2018 at 09:59:59 AM UTC
Soft Cap: 5,500 ETH
Hard Cap: 12,700 ETH
Token price: 15,000 APO/ETH
Min Transaction Amount: 0.1 ETH
Dmitry Taubman – Methodology and analysis
Dmitry Filyaev – Core platform development
Steven Markov – Development of Blockchain 
Genadij Gerstein – Platform Architecture
Emmanuel Livshits – PhD in Computer Science
Web presence & Social media


Final verdict of BestICO

Branding: (1 out of 1)
APO Finance team has designed a very nice and attractive website for their project and the project is also branded very well. The website specifically talks about the project and what exactly they are trying to bring to the market. Information have been provided in a clear and concise way. Full marks on this parameter!

Office address & registration: (0.5 out of 2) 
The office address is shown in their website as “Greater Philadelphia Area, PA 18974” which is an area address but not a specific office address. We tried to gather more information about the office address from various documents available in their website, but no luck! Since the specific office address is not provided, we are unable to verify the registration details as well. Sadly, this is one serious parameter and we are unable to provide a good score to APO Finance here. 

Working product: (0.5 out of 2)
APO finance has not yet released a test version of their platform to the market. Demo is not yet available. What is available in the website as demo, is actually graphical representation of the platform they are building. However, there is now way to see an actual working demo platform. So, we are unable to provide more than 0.5 in this parameter as of now. However, the rating will be changed once we see an working demo platform is released. 

LinkedIn profiles: (0.5 out of 2)
APO Finance team consists of 4 core members and 1 adviser. We have personally checked all LinkedIn profiles of each members and found that all of them have less than 100 connections. None of these members have mentioned anything about APO Finance in their profiles as well. Even though LinkedIn profiles doesn’t have much significance in the success of an ICO, but it certainly gives a confidence boost to the investors when they see real faces behind a project. We are awarding only 0.5 out of 2 in this parameter. 

Business feasibility: (1.8 out of 2)
APO finance is building up a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives based on parimutuel betting where sellers are not required to execute a trade. The idea is fascinating and I don’t think any such platform with similar functionality is available in the market. We see immense opportunity to prosper IF this platform is released in the market. Derivatives industry is already a billion dollar industry and if APO Finance can bring their unique platform in the market, we are sure they will receive their share of cake and create a great impact in that process. 

Our rating: (0.5 out of 1)
APO Finance looks like an average ICO to us. Even though the product planning is really great and unique, but the other parameters of rating didn’t perform well as per our standards. Hence 0.5 seems like a fair marks as of now. 

Final verdict: 
After a thorough research and analysis, Best ICO Team decided to award 4.8 out of 10. 
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